Tendai Tokubetsu Kōrōshō

On 4th November 2020, Reverend Ichishima Shōshin, Kangaku, Dai-sōjō, Professor Emeritus at Taishō University and 36th Abbot of Senzōji, received the Tendai Tokubetsu Kōrōshō award in recognition of his admirable efforts to disseminate the precious teachings of Tendai Buddhism to the West, especially through his translation of the Tendai Shido Gyōki and other seminal works of our tradition in English. He is the 8th person to have received this important recognition of service since 1997.

Ichishima Sensei was accompanied by his son, Reverend Ichishima Genshin. For his beautiful speech during their visit to the headquarters, click here.