Welcome to Tendai in Europe

This website was created in order to cover the growing need for a platform that would bring together practitioners and sincere seekers across Europe. It is the result of harmonious cooperation and does not represent a centralised authority or attempt to exercise control over individuals or groups.

The history of Tendai Buddhism in Europe started with the ordination and training of Riccardo Venturini from Italy and Emmanuel Rock from the United Kingdom. They both studied under Reverend Ichishima Shōshin, 36th Abbot of Senzōji, Kangaku, Dai-sōjō and Professor Emeritus at Taishō University.

Years have passed and our numbers and needs have grown.

Nowadays, along with the disciples of Reverend Ichishima Shōshin and the late Ganshin Rock, there is a group of priests who trained and ordained at the Tendai Hawaii Betsuin under the kind guidance of Reverend Tyler Ryōei , Dai-ajari and Abbess of Kongōsan Eigenji in California.

Together, we try to accurately disseminate the teachings of the Buddha, connecting interested individuals with authorised teachers in Japan and the United States.