Seishin Clark currently heads the activities of the UK Tendai Community. His small humble temple, is located in Hythe, Hampshire on the South Coast of England, and was given the name Shikandō by Reverend Ichishima Shōshin.

Shikan stands for śamatha – vipaśyanā and refers to the prime meditation practice of Tendai Buddhism.

Seishin was ordained by the late  Reverend Ganshin Rock on 31st July 2013. Reverend Ganshin was  the first Tendai priest in the UK and a disciple of Reverend Ichishima. After Ganshin’s death in 2014, Seishin became the direct disciple of Reverend Ichishima, and is currently under his tutelage.

The activities of the UK Tendai Sangha take place on a monthly basis throughout the year, and involve offering the daily service, meditation, Dharma talks and other activities.

As well as running the UK Community, Reverend Seishin also volunteers for the Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai and often visits schools throughout the South of England to talk about Buddhism.