Reverend Dr. Ryōei Tyler is the Abbot of Kongosan Eigenji in California. She was born into a family whose ancestral grave is with Tendai-shū in Japan. She graduated from the University of California with a doctorate degree in Pure Mathematics.

She received a Honzan Tokudo at Enryakuji, which is the Head Temple of Tendai- shū in Shiga, Japan. Her teacher was Dai-sōjō Ryōkan Ara of the Tendai Hawaii Betsuin. Reverend Dr. Tyler has fully completed the Shido Kegyō with a teaching certificate at the Hieizan Gyōin, the Tendai training centre on Mount Hiei, Japan.

She has the title of Dai-ajari and in addition, the title of Overseas Missionary issued by Handa Kōjūn Ozasu-sama, and Morikawa Kōei Ozasu-sama, respectively. She offers training to those who wish to become Tendai priests, confers ordination, and provides her disciples with further training following their tonsure.

Reverend Dr. Tyler regularly gives chanting and discussion sessions, shikan meditation classes, dhāraṇī chanting, and shakyo classes for all those who seek the teachings of Buddhism.

Her disciples in Europe include Jiei Teutonico and Eikai Meloncelli.