Monk Fushin began his journey by attending centres of Tibetan Buddhism and Sōtō Zen in Italy.

In 1999, he went to Japan where he was accepted as trainee of Shugendō, a tradition born out of the syncretism between Shintō and Esoteric Buddhism. After his novitiate, he was ordained as a yamabushi with the religious name of Seiun.

In the following years, he became a personal disciple of Shimazu Kokai, 87th Abbot of Kotaku-ji, belonging to Haguro Shugendō. Up to this day, he remains his disciple, deepening the practices and teachings of Mountain Buddhism.

With a letter of introduction, Fushin met Ichishima Shōshin, 36th Abbot of Senzō-ji, Kangaku Dai-sōjō of the Tendai Buddhism and Professor Emeritus at Taishō University, becoming his disciple and receiving the religious name of Fushin. Under Ichishima Sensei, he received oral instruction on śamatha – vipaśyanā meditation and the practice of nembutsu. He also studied the works of Kamalaśīla and the profound teachings of the Lotus Sūtra.

In 2008 he received ordination as a Theravāda monk in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to his ordinations and the strong support of his two teachers, Monk Fushin self-identifies as a monk of the One Vehicle. In this light, his activities are in accord with the spiritual vision of Saichō whereby all the different practices of Theravāda , Mahāyāna and Vajrayāna are understood as manifestations of the Ekayāna, the One Vehicle of the Buddha.

Today, Monk Fushin is busy with the maintenance of his temple, Tenryūzan-ji, where he holds regular activities and retreats.