Reverend Eikai Meloncelli is a disciple of Reverend Ryōei Tyler, Dai-ajari and Abbess of Kongōsan Eigenji in California:

I was born in a small village in North-East Italy, where the colours of orchards and fields, and farming still mark the passing of the seasons.

My encounter with the Dharma starts from the loss of someone very dear, a loss that brought many questions and the need to find answers.

After the decision that Buddhism was my path, I sought a way to deepen my connection with the Dharma and I was finally able to take refuge in the Kagyü tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

But it was only after finding Tendai-shū that my searching was finally over.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Reverend Dr. Ryōei Tyler who accepted me as her disciple and helped me realize my dream of becoming a priest of the Tendai School.

Through the study and practice of the Dharma, I really hope to live in the ideals of forgetting oneself and benefiting others and to do my best to help and ease the suffering of sentient beings as well as working toward a world where harmony and understanding shine in every corner.